Recruiting Foreign Youths Residing in Korea
Recruiting Foreign Youths Residing in Korea
2011년 06월 20일

¦ Overview

○ Contact Here :

○ Period : June 6th ~ 20th 2011, Result announcement on June 24th

○ Recruited by : The festival planning team of Haja Center

○ Number of youths to be recruited : 00

○ How to recruit : Online recruitment
▸ Documents to be submitted
1) A copy of entry form of the Yeosu International Youth Festival and a copy of self-introduction statement (In Korean or English)
2) A copy of parental consent (In the case of youths under 19)
3) A copy of passport

○ Who to recruit : Youths aged 15 to 24 who have foreign nationality and reside in Korea as of July, 2011 (Including students of international schools and those who came to Korea to learn Korean)
- Youths who are interested in cultural and art works
- Youths who have curiosity of climate change issue
- Youths who are interested in and want to enjoy other cultures
- Youths who can participate for the entire period

○ Benefits for participants
- Participating in cultural and art programs and travel with the setting of the sea and islands
- Interacting with youths from other countries
- Receiving a certificate
- Supporting accommodation fee, living expenses, and transportation fee for the period between July 26th and 31st (However, all the expenses before gathering in Yeosu on July 26th and for going home after closing of the festival on July 31st should be paid by participants.)

○ What to bring
- A small object which shows a participant's travel story (Participants will exchange this with each other in the international exchange camp.)